Neighborhoods: La Clota, Horta Baix Ginardo, Can Baro, El Ginardo, La Fort d`en Fargues, El Carmelo, La Teixonera, Sant Genís dels Agudells, Montbau, El Valle de Hebrón

The district of Horta-Ginardó is the third largest in Barcelona, after Sant-Montjuïc and Sarria-San Gervasio. It is located in the northeast of Barcelona, between the Gracia and Nou Barris districts. Border to the south with the Ensanche, San Andrés and San Martin and to the north with the municipalities of San Cugat del Valles and Sardañola del Valles.

In this neighborhood is located the Hospital of the Holy Cross and St. Paul designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, one of the best representatives of Catalan modernism. It was built between 1902 and 1930. At the moment it was awarded the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997, it is also a Cultural Interest.

The old town of Horta is located under the Ronda Dalt. Plaça d`Eivissa is part of the old quarter of the Horta neighborhood, which has recently been extended for the enjoyment of the neighbors and where the life of the neighborhood is developed with bars, terraces, play areas for children. The commercial axis with 270 establishments is in the environment of Cor d ‘Horta i Mercat. Very close to the square is an old farmhouse from the 17th century Can Mariner and is currently a library specialized in theater.

The Labyrinth Park of Horta is a historic garden located in the district of Horta-Ginardó and is the oldest in Barcelona. It is located in the former estate of the Desvalls family in the Collserola mountain range. The park has a neoclassical garden from the 17th century and a romantic garden from the 19th century. The garden area of the park is surrounded by an extensive Mediterranean forest.

The Three Turons formed by the hills of the Col, the Carmel and the Rovira allow to see the panoramic view of Barcelona. The antiaircraft battery of the Turo de la Rovira, the Ginardo park, the park of the Creueta del Coll, the green spaces within the Three Turons offer tranquility within the city.

Selling price: 2,700-3,100 € / m2.

Rental price: 10 € / m2.