Neighborhoods: La Sagrera, La Trinitat Vella, Baró de Viver, El Buen Pastor, San Andrés, Congrés i els Indians, Navas

The district of Sant Andreu is the ninth of the ten districts of Barcelona. Its population is estimated at approximately 170,000 inhabitants, 52,000 are in the old town of San Andrés de Palomar.

In 1995 the facilities of the Fabra and Coats factory for the neighborhood’s cultural center were recovered. They are 6,000 m2 in four floors of rectangular plant where the new library is also located.

The neighborhood has the football stadium El Narcis Sala with capacity for 6,550 spectators and the Sant Andreu Swimming Club.

Meridiana Avenue is one of the main avenues of Barcelona that serves to join the city with the C-33 and C-58 motorways and the C-17 motorway.

The Barcelona Bus Station Fabra i Puig, located on Meridiana Avenue with the Fabra i Puig promenade, has 15 docks for bus stops. The metro station Fabra i Puig red line L1 is communicated with the station of Sant Andreu Arenal, Rodalies de Catalunya R3, R4, R7, R12. It also has several regular urban bus lines and a fast transit line that made stops at or near the bus station, a taxi rank and a Bicing station.

The neighborhood has the La Maquinista shopping center with 242 stores and 2,800 employees. The commercial center has more than 250,000 m2, of which 91,700 m2 are for trade and leisure and 30,000 m2 for open spaces such as avenue and squares. The downtown area has 5,500 parking spaces.

The neoclassical Church of Sant Andreu de Palomar is located in the square d’Orfila is an ideal place to enjoy the family life of the neighborhood. It was the center of commerce of the town and today is market place and restaurants. The other monument for the visits is the Church Sant Pacía.

It is residential neighborhood with the old town and characterized by the green area, as the park of the Pegasus. The Park of Pegasus is a space full of exotic vegetation and open areas and another populated with trees with small water pond and bridges that allow to pass from one shore to the other.

Neighborhood prices are low compared to other areas. The AVE High Speed Train Station will be inaugurated in the future.

Selling price: 2.400- 3.000 € m2.

Rent price: 11,5 € m2